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About us

Sottosale is much more than somewhere to eat and drink. It’s an urban kibbutz, a lively place for meeting and sharing. Sottosale is like motherly love. It’s like being in her arms: cozy and snug, a sanctuary, somewhere that feels comforting. Chef Ivo will feed you like a mother, with generous, unique dishes concocted with fresh and local products. Like a mother, Sottosale just wants to take care of you!


A concept that was used all throughout history to preserve tasteful cuisines. “Salt” a simple grain that enhances many flavors. While food enhances our daily lives, salt enhances the flavors throughout our days.

Sottosale aims to enhance the journey of our guests, to become the salt in each guests day to day lifestyle.


Our philosophy is simple: To share is to love.

Enjoying food and drink in good company is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and the best memories are created around the table. At Sottosale, we believe that the shared meal experience encourages us to slow down and savor each moment.

As Italian people this is a mantra in our culture, we want to be able to share our lifestyle and practices with you to show you what the true meaning of life really is.